Frequently Asked Questions

I appreciate brides-to-be have many questions which may have been forgotton in all the excitment whilst at the boutique, I hope this page helps x

When should I start shopping for my gown?

For most brides the most important thing is to find your dream dress, it is never to early to do this! As soon as you have got your date booked we suggest it's time to find your wedding gown. Please remember that gowns are regularly discontinued, as such once you have found "the one" we can not guarantee your chosen gown will still be available in six months time!

Do I need an appointment?

Fabulous Wedding Boutique always recommends an appointment, all pre-booked appointments take priority, however, if you can return later, wait, or if we are free and you do not have an appointment, we will do our upmost to fit you in! We like our guests to be able to take their time and not feel rushed when choosing their gowns.

Can I bring people with me to choose my dress?

The choice of your wedding gown is yours; most brides like to share this experience with their mum and/or close friends. Our brides who have been accompanied by a whole team of friends have often felt that too many opinions have left them feeling confused and has muddied the waters so to speak.

When should I order my gown?

When you have found your special wedding gown then ordering is essential. By ordering your wedding dress at the last minute you may leave yourself open to many difficulties. Fabulous recommends a comfortable stress free time frame would be 8 to 24 months before your wedding day.

When do I pay for my gown?

We require 50% deposit which allows us to order your bridal gown. We will notify you when your gown has arrived and invite you to come in and try it on. We also require full payment within 7 days days of this notification of arrival.

How long will my dress take to arrive?

Each designer varies; the average lead time for a bridal dress is approximately 6 months, although rush deliveries are available at additional cost, depending on the dress/designer/time of year etc. Please be aware approximate dates of delivery are exactly that...approximate!

What size dress will I need?

Every designer works from a sizing block, which is different from designer to designer. Once you have found your dream dress we will take your measurements, discuss your size with you, and order the gown which is best suited to you. All bridal gowns require fitting to create a gown which is just perfect for you; we offer an in-house alteration service for this purpose.

What about fittings and alterations?

Fittings and alterations take place up to 3 months before your wedding day. This may depend on time frames, bespoke alterations, time of year etc. Please be aware we only undertake fitting appointments on set days and evenings so please ensure all of your party makes time in their diaries to attend these appointments. Alterations take place at the boutique.

Can I try on a gown even if it is not my size?

Yes of course you can! Some gowns may be too big for you and we have techniques to bring them in and some gowns may be a little tight, but we will always advise you throughout your consultation. Gowns are available to order in sizes 2-30.

Can I take photos or Skype my family/friends?

Fabulous Wedding Boutique operates a strict no photography policy to maintain the privacy of all of our guests and to help prevent recent attempts to copy our bridal gowns which is against all copyright laws.

Can you store my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses?

Yes we can store your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses. We have a seperate storage room available for this purpose.


I'm on a really tight budget can you help?... Yes we can!

I'm on a really short time-scale to my wedding day, can you help? Yes we can! However, your choice of gown may be limited.

I've gained/lost weight can you help? Yes we can! But we are restricted by the individual garment concerned.

I've just found out I'm pregnant, can you help? Yes we can! Answer is as above.


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Emma Louise
Emma Louise5 ★Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 2:34pm

Sarah your simply amazing and made me feel fab. So glad to have found the perfect dress but knew I would in your shop. I wish you all the best for the future and hope all goes well for you xxxxxxz

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Hannah Nicklin
Hannah Nicklin5 ★Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at 4:24pm
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Anita Carrington
Anita Carrington5 ★Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 at 12:16pm

Well what a shop great prices I got my dream dress felt like a princess brill lady at the shop I'm sire a lot of people will be sad to see it close xxx

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Ellie Grace Pearn
Ellie Grace Pearn5 ★Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 7:13pm
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Tracey Gadsby-Pearce
Tracey Gadsby-Pearce5 ★Friday, June 9th, 2017 at 11:52am

amazing lady, nothing is ever too much trouble, so sorry to see you go xxx

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Kathy Yates
Kathy Yates5 ★Friday, June 9th, 2017 at 10:27am
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